elliott's phoned homenot-so American Pale Ale

We intercepted this intergallic tale via satellite. So sit back, crack open a can and dial in for story that is out of this world...

When an interstellar being complains about his long distance bill, gently remind him that this is the 21st century, and these days it’s often easier just to text or email. You might also point him towards the direction of Cedar Creek, where phoning home doesn’t just eat up your minutes, it also quenches your thirst..


Pizza, Pasta. Desserts, Avoid Spicey Food with this Creature.



Pale Ale is still one of our favorite style of beers and it is hard to get one that is perfect. Having a nice blend of American Hops and Malts that can offset the German Alt yeast is a little tougher than it sounds. Having a moderate level of hop bitterness that carries over to a soft hop aroma is our goal. We are trying some new American hops in this beer and they give some interesting notes to the beer. The main hop is Calypso and Apollo hops. The Calypso will give a blend of lemon, pear, and grapefruit notes. Apollo is mostly used as a bittering hop but because of the great aroma we get from it we also used it in the whirlpool. The aroma comes across as a strong grapefruit note if used in large amounts.

  • alcohol content 5.1% by volume
  • beginning gravity 12.0 Plato
  • ending gravity 2.1 Plato
  • bitterness units 37
  • yeast German alt yeast
  • bittering hops Magnum
  • flavor & aroma Columbus, apollo, willamette, bravo
  • malts us 2-row, us pilsner, wheat, crystal 40, crystal 20